Statistical Dependency Parsing

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This seminar Statistical Dependency Parsing(Winter 2020) was taught at University of Stuttgart by Dr. Agnieszka FaleĊ„ska and Mr. Xiang Yu. This post contains material produced during this seminar.

Dependency Parser Project:

Following parsers were implemented from scratch .

  • Graph based: Eisner
  • Transition based: Arc-standard (Not Complete yet)

if you want to know more about the project you can read more about it here. The repository containing the code can be accessed using this link.

Paper Summaries:

We had to summaries atleast two papers.

Paper Link Summary
Frustratingly Easy Cross-Lingual Transfer for Transition-Based Dependency Parsing link link
Generalized Transition-based Dependency Parsing via Control Parameters link link


I presented a paper named Graph-based Dependency Parsing with Graph Neural Networks. The presentation can be downloaded from here.



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