Study Data Science in Germany - A Guide for Masters Aspirants

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Germany is one of the most coveted place for students who want to study abroad . High quality education in a very low financial cost is one the major reasons that every year a huge amount of undergraduate and graduate students apply for their desired programs . Germany offers a lot of opportunities for students who want to pursue their studies in every possible field. Like many other fields , Germany also offers best quality education for students who want to study Data Science , Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning and related subjects .

After completing my under-graduation , I was willing to do Masters from abroad in a field related to Data Science and Machine Learning . After doing a lot of research, Germany came out to be the obvious choice for me. I applied and got admission in University of Stuttgart for MSc Computational Linguistics Course . The application process was not easy and i also faced some difficulties due to lack of information related to my subjects. So, i wanted to help people who want to study in Germany and could not find relevant information .

MSc Data Science/ Machine Learning (Germany) Group:

When I was searching for universities that offered programs related to my desired subjects , I was not able to find information in one place . I believe that solution to problems could be found through team work . So I created a group on a social website where anyone can share and get information about the masters programs . This synergy will help everyone that is why motto of group is “Help yourself by helping others”.

Here is link to the MSc Data Science/ Machine Learning (Germany) Group.

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Whats in that Group ?

  • I have made a list of courses that are offered in different Universities in Germany . It is composed of Masters programs in the fields of Data Science , Machine Learning and other related fields.

    Here is Link to the List.

  • I have recently complied a list of most useful links from different resources which will be helpful for people at different stages of their application phase . As i am familiar with the application procedure from Pakistan , i do not know if the procedure is same for reader’s country or not .

    Here is Link to the Website:

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If you need any help , feel free to contact me.

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